We offer our payroll service as an outsourcing service and specialize in every aspect of the payroll process. We provide a cost effective and professional payroll service for businesses of all sizes. Our team has the needed experience and the knowledge to offer outstanding payroll solutions to companies that require payroll services. We help our clients to move their focus from the management of internal processes to concentrating on their business goals, by outsourcing the payroll function. And in addition, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all government taxes are paid in a timely manner. We also ensure that the needed pay slips are provided to the staff on the salary transfer date and that any staff concerns are given the highest priority.

Advantages Of Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing the payroll function with Waymans HR Solutions will greatly benefit your business.

   Eliminate the financial burden of extra staff when you don’t need them

   No time spent recruiting, selecting and referencing staff

   No hassle with statutory registrations and payments

   No more disciplinary hearings or C.C.M.A. meetings

   Eliminate weekly or monthly payroll hassles

   No longer be saddled with unproductive staff

   Gain access to our legal division, legal advice and procedural standards

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