Labour Consulting

We understand the importance of the employee and employer relationship and have the knowledge and experience to serve both sides. As an employer, you would want to provide a fair employment contract to your employees while also protecting your interests. Therefore, we ensure that your employment contract is drafted by our experts to meet the legal requirements. We ensure that the contract is valid, enforceable and fair. Waymans offers your business a wide range of labour law services to employees, labour unions, employers and employer organisations. The importance of understanding the impact that changes have on the employer and employee relationship, was highlighted in the latest amendments to the Labour Relations Act. Therefore, we make absolute certain that our clients are always up to date with changes in legalisation that will have an effect on their employer employee relationship.

Benefit from Labour Law

We have years of experience with the input of Labour Law experts

   Draft or Overview of Employment Contracts

   Comply with all Applicable Legislation & Statutory Registrations

   Agreements and Terms & Conditions

   Ensure Fair Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures

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